Fingerprint reading quality has lowered over time

Howdy all. When I first got my FF3, the fingerprint reader seemed to work most of the time, though the longer I’ve used it the more I’ve gotten feedback from Android saying “fingerprint reader dirty”, requiring me to wipe me finger off, the reader off, and try again. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to clean them off enough to satisfy the sensor. I’ve re-added my fingerprint before but that hasn’t seemed to improve the success rate much.

Has this been a trend other people have had? I found this post as well, though I have my doubts that the fingerprint reader hardware itself would have degraded that much in the less than a year I’ve had the device. Any personal takes or questions you have are welcome. Thanks!

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You may like to read My FP3 Fingerprint sensor is working so badly it's basically completely useless


That was the article I had referenced. I’ll give the suggestions in the comment you tagged a try.

Apologies I didn’t register ‘the post’ link

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