Fingerprint doesn't work in FP3 with android 13!

Dear all,

in android 13 the fingerprint sensor of the FP3 is considered as
BIOMETRIC_WEAK (Class 2) by google.
Many applications do not even recognize such fingerprint hardware anymore, e.g. KeepassXC, the remote login app of one of my customers, and even android 13 itself. It is therefore not possible to use biometrics for unlocking the screen.
This is a known issue, see here:

If you are using such apps, do not upgrade to android 13!
For me it’s too late. I have ordered an FP4 now.

I hope this article may prevent some of you making the same mistake.


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Thanks for the warning, but it is not true, that the FP3 with Android 13 can’t use the fingerprint sensor to unlock the lock screen. That works perfectly and also some other apps can still use the sensor.


Closing here to avoid duplicated discussion. The link for the primary topic is included

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