Fingerprint access

Could you please tell me if you use fingerprint access? How reliable is this method?
I will be grateful for your help!

Access for what and which phone?
I use it for unlocking the phone and Signal, which are fine, unless i’ve just washed my hands etc.

Well I only commented that it works not the security issue, so much so that I don’t think it’s more secure than a password etc. Well not in my case.

My fingerprints can be copied from anything I touch in theory but getting into my head for my password would be truly ugly and painful.

Though with the brute force that computers could use they could circumvent my head.

My theory is that if I am such an important target, phone and online security is the least of my worries.

So I can’t say fingerprint reading is more secure and I don’t like biometric ID-ing but it works, well again some people have problems.

Modern fingerprint readers shouldn’t be that easy to fool:

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I wouldn’t trust any fingerprint reader. First of all, if I suspect someone got to know my password, I can just change it anytime. If someone was able to copy my fingerprint, what can I do? No way to order a fresh replacement finger :wink:
Then, optical and Capacitive sensors are really easy to trick, you won’t even need expensive tools or materials. If you want to go more in depth, I’d recommend this link for starters:

This paper doesn’t cover ultrasonic sensors, but as any other technology was proven to be unreliable, I guess it’s just a matter of time until someone cares enough to rip them apart also.

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At least you’ve got ten of them.

I can’t read this dark mode pdf, but looks like it was written 2006, it’s 2023 now.

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Unfortunately my post about fingerprint security was deleted pretty quick.

Well, I won´t mention any details about it anymore but please keep my statement alive:
Fingerprint access/security is not secure.


PS: Listen to @struppi ´s wise words like this:
If your security measurements become breached “somehow” then you can easily reset a password/-phrase. That´s not as easy as replacing a finger :wink:

PPS: Thanks to the moderation team for giving feedback about the deletion. Makes sense!

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