Finding stock recovery.img for FP3

Hello there,

I have searched around without finding exactly where I can obtain a stock recovery image since it wasn’t in the firmware archive. I need it instead of the boot.img (Magisk) for some reasons.

Any ideas ?

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Is it a manual installation procedure, you are looking for?


Thank for your response.

But I have already downloaded the firmware and there isn’t a recovery.img inside.

Then it’s probably not necessary for a recovery of the stock Android. What exactly do you want to do?

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See here:

So what you need is a stock boot.img then.


Oh thanks a lot. I’m trying to install Magisk by recovery mode instead of patching the boot.img. The reason is far too long to explain in detail so for those who understand: Magisk is installed directly with its stub through the recovery unlike through the boot.img.

I will try with this answer.

In this case use TWRP as custom recovery. Install it from here, make sure you have adb and fastboot on your computer and connect your phone to your computer.
Boot it with fastboot boot twrp.img from terminal/command line on your computer, with the phone in fastboot mode. Go in Advanced, ADB Sideload and start ADB sideload, type in a terminal/command line adb sideload where your is located.

Edit: Added instruction to connect the phone to the computer
Edit2: Made the instructions clearer


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