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Easier to find not only the best rated app for a purpose, but also the least invasive to your privacy.

"…one more hint on permissions: it’s not their “bare count” what tells you about them being invasive or not, it’s always the context. If an app shall do many things, it simply needs many permissions. Let’s take our most hungry app for example: Webkey requests no less than 125 permissions. The “silver medal” here goes to EverythingMe Launcher with 58 permissions. A huge difference! But does that mean Webkey is more invasive? If it were, we’d long heard about: it’s open-source, and a permission count like that is screaming for people to investigate the code. Webkey simply is supposed to cover a load of tasks, basically letting you remote-control almost everything on your device from your PC. So how to tell “by permission”? If you have two apps offering the same feature set, you might compare the “raw count”.4 But even then, count is mostly an indicator only, reminding you to take a closer look. Use your Common Sense together with the explanation on permissions here on this very site. If a simple flashlight app requires access to your contact list, or a music player to your calendars: those are things that should definitely raise your suspicions ;)… - Izzy


Thanks Izzy.


IzzyOnDroid is also available as a F-Droid Repo here.
Just, like always with multiple Repos, be aware that switching between repos for a single app is only possible after uninstalling the app first (because of the different signing keys).


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