Finally the FP4 ROM file is available

If I understand it good you have to unlock the bootloader from an other OS before flashing back the original? If you don’t do that it’s bricked?

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If I understand it right you shouldn’t relock the bootloader after flashing back the original (at least not before being sure it boots well). Else you might run into a bricked device.


I am exactly facing this situation ! I relock the bootloader before the first start of the OS and now i am stuck waiting for the support team answer !

So it is a really good option to start the OS once before relocking the bootloader to ensure that everything work perfectly !


I’m happy others are warned now but I’m very sorry for you that you’ve been the one having had to discover this. I really hope you’ll find some way out!

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Huh, did you flash the partitions by hand? :thinking:
If you used one of the included scripts, the phone should have rebooted automatically.

It’s better to let it unlocked then install the original ROM , boot and then if everything goes well relock if needed. I guess that’s the best option. I have it unlocked and rooted. Since the original ROM is near stock android another ROM is not necessary for me. In the first place I was interested in rooting and that works without problem.

Nop, I use the script given by the FP Team.
It did not reboot automatically.

It’s better to let it unlocked then install the original ROM , boot and then if everything goes well relock if needed. I guess that’s the best option.

I am agree with you @H_Verweij, i guess i could be noticed in the support article to avoid this kind of problems

Interesting, the script should take care of the reboot automatically (worked for me).
My guess is that it actually did reboot, but to the wrong slot, so it immediately went back to fastboot. That happens all the time and might be hard to notice.

I agree, this has to be mentioned in the docs!

I think its in de discription already but maybe i dont understand it well enough:

They link to the unlocking / locking support article which mentions:

Please, be aware that:

  • If you installed a 3rd-party OS, locking your bootloader might prevent your device from booting correctly.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to your data, locking the bootloader will delete all personal data on your phone.

Maybe a third item could be added, something like:

  • Make sure your phone is able to boot before locking the bootloader again

OT: As a linux user, this hurts :see_no_evil:

Linux Ubuntu-based (kernel 18.04.x and newer)


Ubuntu is the next Windows :wink:

:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:
I wasn’t aware we reached kernel 18.04 already, better get my 5.16 one upgraded fast… :smirk:


Ah, I see :rofl::rofl:

Why is the command “fastboot flashing lock_critical” missing in the Fairphone manual ?

Yes, you have to type this command (fastboot flashing unlock_critical) after fastboot flashing unlock and before using the bat/sh script.

As you said, this is not noticed in the tutorial and must be added !

The command must be executed last, because this locks the bootloader

Sorry, read fastboot flashing unlock_critical instead of fastboot flashing lock_critical!
My bad :confused:

no problem :slight_smile:

Is the command necessary at all or is fastboot flashing lock sufficient ?

Got a little excited when I got the phone so I was waiting on the stock…
/e/os is not ready for daily driving…

Really ? Why

As you know, I don’t like the OS either.
There is a lot wrong with it.

But I wouldn’t go that far.
The OS can be used as a daily driver. Why not?