Files for 3d printing of cases not available?

I have been using one of the 3d printed cases for my FP1U for more than 2 years now. (Since they came out think). The case has been cracked for more than a year and is now at a point where bits fall off every couple days. So I wanted to get a new one. Last time I got them from 3d hub, but I no longer stay in Europe and if I remember correctly, the cases were only available at selected printers in Europe.

I wanted to download the files, so that I can have the case printed locally. However, when I try to download the files from the website (here) all the links seem to be redirected to the accessories page in the webshop. Does anyone know what happened to those files and whether I can get them elsewhere?

I wrote an email to support asking about that, but they haven’t replied.

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Why don’t you look for one at There are quite a few cover designs for the FP1.


Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind as a plan B, there are indeed some nice designs there as well. I was thinking of getting the one from the website, because I know that those work quite well.

Hej @drat
I find myself in a similar situation, so I’d be interested in hearing what the support answers regarding this issue.
If there are no news soon though, I will try out one of the designs on thingiverse - thank you @Irina_Spitznagel :slight_smile: !

Hi @Kaffeetriene
so support answered:

The .STL links are indeed broken, and we are aware of this and its on our list of things that has gone wrong when we updated our webshop.
They are still free to download but the data went missing during a big server update.
We are working on getting them back, but this may take some time as we are working on more pressing matters at the moment.

So it looks like it’ll get fixed eventually!


I wanted to download a file to print a case for my FP1, but the links to .slt files do not work. It also says that the CAD file is temporarily unavailable. Do you know if it will be posted or solved soon?
Does anyone have a downloaded file that I can use?

Thank you in advance,

So, 5 months later… Will they be available again?


Hi there,

I found the files on thingverse a while ago: .

Not sure whether this is official (the name seems to indicate it) or whether the files are legit, but the designs are the same as the ones available on the page with the broken links.

If this is indeed an offical account, then I can’t understand why they didn’t tell us. I also haven’t printed the files to see whether it is correct, as I’m not using my Fairphone anymore.


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Thanks for your answer, Daniel. I’ll try with the thingiverse files.

I just wanted to add that the links are now working again on the original website.


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