File Manager with root access

Since the Fairphone is a rooted device by default, it should be easy to access to get your hands on the system folders. Anyway, I had some problems in doing so.

I would like to use the CyanogenMod File Manager backport to access and edit system files. I know from a CyanogenMod device I also own, that usually you can switch between safe, promt and root access modes. Unfortunately this is not possible on my Fairphone. The option is listed, but without function (written in light grey, no switch option). Anyone any ideas why?

I’d also like hearing of alternative ways to access and edit system files as root.

I’m using OI File Manager, which lets me see all files on the phone. Maybe you could use this as an alternative?

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OI File Manager is a good alternative. But, as you said, it lets you SEE the system folders and files. Unfortunately it never asks for root access, so you can’t actually edit, move or remove anything in the system folders. But adding and removing APKs to/from /system/app et al. is what I want to do.

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Isn’t there somehow a need to allocate root access to an app? Maybe you need to get your file manager appear in the “superuser” tab within the system prefs?

Of course i know your problem :wink:
You need to install BusyBox!!!

I also prefer the CM File Manager.
But for moving your Apps (system<->normal) i can only recommend the app “/system/app mover” (available via f-droid)

Oh yeah, BusyBox might be the solution!
Is there a way to install the latest version NOT using Google Play?

You might need to use the Play Store-servers without installing Google Apps.

The solutions are:

APK Downloader: you need to copy the playstore link ( ) and paste it on the APK Downloader-Side ( )

Blank Store: read more here ( )

If you speak german, all about this and more ( market-alternatives, installation instructions) is written here:
Cathegory: Market

In your case i can only recommend the APK Downloader!

Thanks for you help; it worked perfectly fine!

If anyone wants CyanogenMod File Manager backport with root access on the Fairphone—First, download the BusyBox Installer through APK Downloader, as described above, and install it on your phone. Next, install the app “/system/app mover” as well as the CyanogenMod File Manager backport, using F-Droid ( Use the system app mover to move FM to the system app folder (not sure if this step is necessary) and then, in the FM settings, switch to its root access mode. Now you should have full access to and options/rights to all system folders. Great!

You dont need to make the CM File Manager to a system app! :wink:

I use ES File Explorer and never needed something else. Using my FP without google account, finding the APK was easy.

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An app will ask for root access if it needs it. The superuser menu only allows you to see and revoke superuser access.

I like ES too. It works as advertised and doesn’t do ad bombs.

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