Can I install only the play store? (Which apps does "install GApps" install?)

The title says it all. I’d like to install the minimum Google; for instance if I can just download something like a ‘play store’ installer that would be enough for me…
(I for instance found this thread straight here: is the apk the latest one, is it compatible with my current system…)

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OK -I renounce, being unable to find the single apk from Google (as I’m going to potentially buy things via this app I cannot just download from unknown sites).
I am in the process of re-installing ALL google apps from the widget -not knowing even if I’ll be able to delete some of them afterwards.
Too bad :frowning:

The link above features a list of all the files which get installed by Google. You could delete them all, save the playstore.apk (+ some of the other files, cause I don’t know the dependencies…).

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I went through the same possess. I tried with about 4 different version of the Google Play apk. I managed to get it installed but it would not run.

I have installed the whole Google Apps package and now it works. It’s to bad that this is the case.

There is also the NOGAPPS Initiative, which has been mentioned in the forum various times. I don’t have experience with that though.

In the XDA-Forum you can find an .apk-Playstore-File – I haven’t tried though, so you might run into the same probelms @Florian_Hehlen had.

There’s also more information concerning the NOGAPPS project, which @Stefan mentioned.


Up to now, I manage to stay out of Google apps and the google play store . In case I can’t download an app on a dedicated website, I use download apk, place it on the sd card and then install it from sd card.

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@cedric in fact you can download the app directly through a browser on your FP and install it without having to copy it around.

Please, everyone, do not download APK files from some random website and install them on your phone. This renders the whole Android security model useless. If you want to use the Play Store without Google Apps, at least use something like the free and open source Blank Store client.


Thanks for your advices @Stefan and @haffenloher :wink: I’m a smartphone newbie, and I will check these initiative… but it doesn’t seem really easy and I’ve to create an android ID ij I want to use Blan store ?

I’m a bit surprised that no one has mentioned F-Droid in this thread? OK, you may not find as many apps there as in the Play Store, but if you want to steer clear from Google it might be worth a closer look. And you don’t have to create any accounts.


Initially this thread was about only installing the G Playstore, so I think that’s why F-Droid did not come up… :wink:

Point taken…

but threads have a life on their own, and cedric’s posts led me astray… maybe I ought to have pointed at this thread:

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Here’s what you could do, If you wanted to run Goole Play Store with a minimalist Google setup on your Fairphone—Make sure your phone is rooted and you have a file manager with full root access (e. g. File Manager with root access). Download a Google Apps package for CM 10.1 (equivalent to the Fairphones Android 4.2) from From this zip, move these files to your phone storage: GmsCore.apk, GoogleLoginService.apk, GoogleServicesFramework.apk and Phonesky.apk. Use a file explorer with root rights to move these four files to /system/app/. Next, download the latest Google Play apk (e. g. and install it. Restart your phone. Done.


Does anybody has experience with installing only core packages of the google apps, like they are available at http:\ ? I know them from my fromer phone with cyanogenmod and do like the possibilty to only use the play store and maps, without having hangout and all the other … installed.

I tried to install one of the zips with the update procedure of the bootloader, but that was aborted.

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I moved your post because the information is already here.

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