FF2, GSM signal strength not updating on car stereo bluetooth

I have my FF2 conneted to my car stereo system via bluetooth. All is ok except the mobile signal strength sticks at whatever level it is when connecting at and doesn’t update. The handset itself behaves as expected. The FF2 is updated to Android 9.

I have tried rebooting the phone, removing the battery, even resetting back to factory settings with no change.

Is there a trick I have missed?

So it means if you have no mobile signal, you will stay with no signal and you won’t have any data? Is it just the indicator that doesn’t change or the signal itself?

Perhaps your SIM card? How old is it? Did you try to insert another one and check?

There is a similar issue with LineageOS in conjunction with Dual SIM devices:

Check if signal strength is displayed correctly after you put your SIM card into the second slot…


Its just the indicator on the stereo doesn’t change.

I’ll give that a go :wink:

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I’ll be jiggered - It works! The signal strength on the stereo system works as expected.


Thanks for letting us know, I guess this is a general Android driver issue, no idea if this will be fixed or not…

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