FF 3 and FF3+ one gets 4G and one get 3G. Why

I’m here on a caravan site near to Salisbury (UK) and my wife’s FF3 and my FF3+ are next to one another. Mine (3+) is getting a good 4G signal and hers (3) is getting a rather midding 3G signal. What’s going on?


Possible different settings, if you have the same netowrk etc.
One phone will always be a little better and how do you determine the strength of the siganl the icons are not a good comparrison but and are only relative to the phone.

Same network (Three Mobile). Phones next to one another. I can only detrmine the strength of the signal by the icons on the phones. Are there other ways? But I do know that the strength of the signal, with the phones within millimetres of each other, will be nearly equal.


Yes the signal is likely the same but the wavelength is in the range of inches so can be effected by position. But you don’t say the reception is any different just the bar reading, which is cosmetic not functional.

If the reception is repeatedly worse on one phone then it is likely there is a hardware factor if you can assess all software is identical, which can only be done with a factory reset with the same OS on each phone.

Without a facory reset it’s a lot of work to go through all the seetings to rule out a software issue.

However the FP3+ and FP3 do not have the same core modules, so there could be a difference in the hardware. Ideally you will ‘need’ another FP3+ and FP3 to compare.

But again all you’ve said is that the icon is different, so there’s no idication of a problem just a possible visual discrepancy.

I take it that usually you both see identical values and that the problem has only appeared in your current circumstances?

Did you check Settings>Network and Internet>Mobile network>Preferred network type


Both the same: Automatic (4G/3G/2G)


Are the APN settings the same, and how old are the SIM cards?

It can also be a configuration issue on the operator’s side, did you already have contact with Three about it?


The internal antennas are connected by contacts which can oxidate (not gold plated) and this probably causes less signal. For cleaning the contacts the Display Modul must be disassembled.
Oxidated contacts can be identified by gray color instead of bright silver.

As my experience with each FP Generation less signal quality leads to slower WiFi connection.

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You mean the display module must be removed or disassembled.

Disassembling any module will void any warranty that exists.

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sorry I´m a German :wink: the module should be removed from the phone because the contacts to clean are on the backside of the module. Please do not disassmble the display module itself.