Feedback from usage of LineageOS on Fairphone 3+


I’m interested to install LineageOS 16.0, the latest official build, on a Fairphone 3+.

Does it working well ? Does it have bugs ? What’s your feedback about it ?

(I’m not a user myself, but) As far as I know, LineageOS 16.0 would not support the FP3+ cameras. So you would better wait until LineageOS 17.1 for the FP3 and FP3+ is ready.


I suppose you read through Official LineageOS for Fairphone 3 already?

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i had the same questions - in that thread i now stated links to the wiki-pages, which are saying 17.1 is out now

I had 16 installed but I was finding that it would become corrupted every other update. I’ve recently switched to 17.1 hoping it would be better but same issue. This is what I get:

USB OTG doesn’t work either so I can’t use seedvault to backup to USB drive which is a shame. Any one else have similar issues?


  1. Is it rooted or else modified in any way? (Even if it is it’s strange because mine is also rooted and LOS updated work fine).
  2. How do you install the updates (LOS Updater in the settings app or flashing from a recovery)?


Yes routed with Magisk and using LOS updater rather than TWRP.


Inside the Magisk app, there is an “after OTA” option in the install menu. The next time you have an update, maybe try:

  1. Download and install the update (DO NOT REBOOT)
  2. Inside the Magisk (Manager) App install Magisk with the “after OTA” option
  3. Reboot and pray

I don’t guarantee that this will work but you can try. Maybe make a backup before every update.

Thanks I’ll give it a go. Is there any stability advantage to using TWRP to update instead?

I only ever successfully updated LOS via TWRP on an A-only device. I tried this on A/B phones and it just came up with the same corrupted data message (haven’t tried this on a Fairphone though only on Samsung devices). I would just stick with the updater or not update at all.

You can remove the updater with:
adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 org.lineageos.updater

and do a clean install with every major update. Just do a backup.

Thanks. I give that a try once I have USB OTG working.

I have found this solution to get OTA working:

It’s working with LineageOS too, and no necessary to have TWRP . Good luck :wink:

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