Feature requests for Launcher

Hi people of Fairphone (I hope), and Everyone,

To start I think your what you guys are doing is mega ! But could you ( product developement) take a look at, or use it for some time, the old zlauncher launcher developed by Nokia in 2014. If you use it, you’d notice one really needs only one screen to launch anything. Widgets become obsolete. It will also search the contact list to make calls and search the internet if theres nothing local. As you can guess I’m hooked to it for the last 8 years but development has stopped and someting similar would be an awesome addition to your next or current phones. I’m not up for a new phone yet, but for me, such an addition would make the choice a no brainer.
And maybe reconsider wireless charging, I know it’s not really efficient but wireless earbuds?..

What do you think?

Tnx! :smile:
Guido uit venloooo

Welcome to the community forum.

As this is a community forum, not the company, Fairphone staff might read along or even engage occasionally, or not. You might want to direct your request to Fairphone support … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us.

Apart from that I fail to believe there would be no launcher out there coming close to what you want to have, there are just so many different ones.

At least this requirement sounds pretty generic and manageable.

If you need some inspiration, just hit your favourite internet search with something like nokia z launcher alternatives, or have a look at recommendations here in the forum …




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