Feature request: option to turn pin request sound at startup OFF

When my Fairphone 2 starts up (after a reboot or empty battery), it makes a loud ticking sound when asking for my Android PIN. This noise is annoying and has woken me up several times. I tried various things to get rid of it, but to no avail. Please remove this noise from the next update or give the user the option to turn it off.

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I don’t have this issue.
Maybe check for the sound settings:

Go to

  • Settings
    • Sound & notification
      • Other sounds

There you find “Screen locking sounds” and others.
I have just Charging sounds turned on and all the others off.

No “wake up calls” for me.

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Before we have a re-run of this discussion:

The noise occurs when the phone asks for the decryption password. Most user settings do not have an influence on this (especially if they are stored in encrypted storage!). Setting volume to mute before a shutdown may work if volume is stored at audio device level, but this is obviously no solution as the main problems here are unplanned, unattended reboots (e.g. crashes - so no controlled shutdown -> no possibility to change settings).


This you should direct at Fairphone, as this is a user forum and it’s not very likely, that your request will reach the right person.

Just followed the link of @Johannes.
As I am curious by nature: Why, did you open this thread, while you have another one still open addressing the same problem and posting there at roughly the same time?

The first thread is a discussion about what the user might do to get rid of this sound. Since it turns out that there is most likely nothing that the user can do to affect this, I started a new thread with a feature request, and I posted that here because I don’t know where else to post feature requests.

Thanks, it’s a good idea to link to that thread here, so we don’t go through the already tried options. I didn’t think of that.

That would be the #bugtracker.

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Ah, OK. So what would be my best course of action here: starting a thread there with links to the already existing threads?

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