Feature Request: External Charger for spare batteries (FP5 + FP4)

Hi out there.

Not being a FP user yet, my first question to the support was about external charging the currently sold second batterie for new buyers.
Apparently the answer was negative as you might have expected.
The reply sent to me, included this proposal:

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So here I am, asking for an external charger as some of you already discussed in other threads.
I would not recommend to use any 3rd party charger with adjustable contacts o.s., but a charger from the FP vendor, that has been developed and tested for the Fairphone, and provides some warranty, if anything explodes :wink:

asking for upvotes and your opinion.



hello and thank you for your initiative. To be honest, this giving away a spare battery hardly makes sense to me as batteries are to degrade if not used, and it’s not that convenient to charge them in the phone ( a gift card was much more useful IMHO).

I am not sure how many people would use external chargers but it is definitely worth looking into it.


For whatever it’s worth the last phone I had with a swappable battery was the BlackBerry Z10 and there was a dedicated external battery charger accessory for it that I used often. Carrying that charger and a spare battery was much more convenient than a power bank. I would make sure to switch which battery was the primary and secondary about once a week to keep the wear on them about the same.

In a similar vein, I would personally also like to see an extended life battery option witty a different back panel to accommodate the larger battery (also something I had on my Z10), or at least do something like frame.work did and release a higher capacity battery of identical size when there chemistry gets better.

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I’ve always felt sorry for those users whose phones lasted less than a day without a charge; I would change first the battery and then the phone if my FP4 ever got to that stage!
For people (e.g. frequent travellers) who need extra battery capacity, a spare charged battery would be useful when recharging is impractical.
But for FP to offer a free spare battery with new phones seems like a marketing gimmick to drive new phone sales whilst tacitly admitting that the battery life is uncompetitive. What about the loyal FP users who bought a Fairphone specifically for the long device life (e.g. through hardware and software support)? How about offering existing users a free or reduced-price spare battery?
IMHO, an external charging cradle is just another thing to carry around so I can’t see that I’d ever buy one. The other solutions suggested such as a battery with greater capacity even in a bulkier case would be more attractive to me.
That said, welcome to the community Inoculator and thanks for creating this thread.


My thoughts on this:

  • Fairphone needs to improve the battery life. The phone drains way too much with e.g. AoD and 5G on, compared to other phones with these features.
  • Do more with less, charging your battery takes less than an hour or so. I have a spare battery, I rarely need it because I can charge it most of the time. And when I do need to charge my spare one I really would not be carrying an extra charge device with me. I just swap, charge and done. An extra device for just this is wasteful.

Hello and thanks for your first statements.

I see, that there are multiple different PoV. Some of them pointing to the request of getting the current batterie to last longer during regular use.

Either by using better chemical materials or by just making it physically larger and enlarge the casing of the phone itself.

This brings me to the thought, that the FP could not be the best way for my usage, so let me explain, from where my intentions come -just C&P from my mail to support:

One of my hobby is to go out on my cycle for some days in a row and my mobile is my main gate to the rest of the world during this time. Having a second (or third) fully charged batterie at hand can be very helpful. But it would not make sense, if I cannot charge all used batteries over night, when on a camping side or in a hotel.
Therefore an external charger would make sense.

Even so I do have quite some stuff to charge batteries and/or support devices during I am on the road (Solarpanel, Dynamo, etc) it is always depending on my performance or the weather, if I keep the pace with the electrons in use.
In the past I had more issues having one larger batterie, but having 3 or 4 smaller batteries charging while cycling or over night.

Having a powerbank as support device has been not the best solution. As while charging the PB and using it as a charging device, the efficiency decreased very much -on each side of the flow you have some stepper device to regulate the voltage, that consumes some energy.

Maybe, this gives a better view.

Thanks for your participation in any way.


I suppose you do stop to eat and sleep. Fast charge can bump up your battery to 80% quite fast in about 30 minutes. Unless you sleep and eat in the outdoors of course.

I’m not sure if there is a market for a charging station that can handle multiple batteries though. But it’s best to contactsupport

Your phone itself is already a charging station :nerd_face: But I guess that’s not enough for some.

I think Fairphone should develop and sell a solar power bank, ideally one that is as ethically sourced and sustainable as the phones. Clean, renewable charging is a perfect fit for Fairphone.

They can also sell the power banks to non-Fairphone users, and hopefully encourage them to join the revolution too. :slight_smile: