(feature request) dual audio support (BT 5.0) = how to recycle old bluetooth speakers

Feature request for FairphoneOS - why?

Right now, if I want BETTER SOUND or LOUDER MUSIC …
… I must BUY A NEW bluetooth SPEAKER (i.e. discard the old one)

Now imagine … we would NOT THROW AWAY the old speakers…
… but connect them ALL to our one Fairphone device.

We want Multi-Audio-Bluetooth.
(In fairphone, I can already connect 5 devices - but then still only play audio on one device.)

Here are a DUAL AUDIO articles, other brands are ALREADY supporting it, for 2 devices !!!

  1. Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.
  2. Tap Advanced
  3. Toggle the Dual Audio switch ON.

Not in Fairphone though … yet?

posted here, because: “(including praises, complaints, dreams & wishes).”

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Why do you have to buy a new bluetooth speaker for better sound or louder music?

P.S.: Why are you yelling at us?

not yelling, but EMPHASIZING …

Why do you have to buy a new bluetooth speaker for better sound or louder music?

And what do you think, why do I have to?

I don’t think you have to, so I still don’t get your point.
And in a forum, writing everything bold or in capitals, is yelling.

I still don’t get your point.

Old speaker low volume, new speaker higher volume.

Better than using only new speaker (with higher volume) and throwing away old speaker …
… would be using old and new speaker (low volume + higher volume = even higher volume) at the same time.

Works in other Android variants already, but not yet in Fairphone?

Plus, dreams:
What stops coders from creating an audio middleware that could be playing audio over five devices?
That could mean, not even buying any new speakers anymore, but instead connecting all my old speakers simultaneously.

Sorry for the typography misunderstanding, will not use ALLCAPS anymore. Thanks for the hint.

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Ok, now it’s getting more clear. It would be of course a nice feature sometimes. But even without the multi-audio-Bluetooth it ain’t necessary to throw away your old speakers, you can still use them, if maximum volume is not necessary.

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It would be of course a nice feature sometimes.

Let’s focus on that.

Any ideas how to get through to the Fairphone product manager / coding department, to submit that feature request?


You can contact support via the website.

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I do like the idea of simultainious BT on different devices. Could be a nice feature. Wikipedia tells me it is called “broadcast audio” and is implemented in the BT 5.2 standard.
Does anybody know if the FP4 supports this standard?

Fairphone does :wink:
According to:

it’s ‘only’ BT 5.1 with LE.


Caps for emphasising are from a time when everything was plain text and formatting was not supported. Italics, underlined, and if really necessary, bold, are much easier to read. (That’s why all these EULAs and Licence Agreements are in CAPITALS - see them and you know they try to screw you. :frowning: )


I want to add another use case for dual audio:

I´m wearing hearing aids, which I connect via BT to my FP3. The HAs put the sound in my ears like any audio plug, too and at the same time the HAs are using their own microfone to record my speach.
But here is actually the problem:
If I connect the HAs to the FP3, this is the only connection. There is no way to use the HAs only for hearing and at the same time to connect another microfone for speaking.

This is ok in a very quiet environment but as soon you are on the street, at work or in a bar nobody can understand you anymore since the microfones of the HAs are always focussed in front of you (of course, since they are made to record sounds like that).

So, the use case is to hear sound on one BT connection and speak on another connection.

This is actually bothering me for years now. I don´t have that problem on my computer since it´s very easy to decide myself in the (Windows) audio settings which hardware I want to use for sound in and which for sound out.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

As this is only a user forum you may like to email
support at fair phone . . . . . . com

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