Feature request: Better battery saving mode

The Fairphone team have modified stock Android in the past to include features they didn’t feel were there in Android 5. Couldn’t they do the same in Android 6?
I posted this in the issue tracker as a feature request. What do you guys think? Would you want to see this as a feature?

Android’s default power saving mode makes very little difference to the battery’s lifetime with my “standard” use, and I’m sure this is not just me.

Could you add a better power saving mode, similar to HTC’s Extreme Power Saving mode, Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving mode or Sony’s Ultra Stamina mode, where they they disable or limit most apps, reduce the maximum CPU speed, and essentially limit it to a “dumb phone”?

There’s no doubt that power can be used more efficiently and electricity saved. Surely this is compatible with Fairphone’s aims?
Thanks for your consideration.


Do those mobiles use Android 6 or 7? I think at least limit background operation of apps came with Android 7.

I think this was before even Android 6… It was definitely available on the Samsung S6 and Sony Xperia Z3, and probably before.

"Hi Anthony.

Thank you for your suggestion. At the moment we don’t have plans to incorporate another battery saving mode other that the current already present in Android.


I guess they’re just too busy… shame.

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Android 7 has some sort of “deep sleep” with optimized battery saving mode. This is why I asked. Maybe the named companies have developed something on their own due to lacking features in former Android versions which is coming with the main OS in recent versions starting with Android 6.

Yeah that’s right, Android 6 introduced “Doze” to save battery, which was a very good idea but very poorly implemented. The phone has to not move for like 45mins before it kicks in, if the accelorometer picks up any movement it cancels it.
Android 7 fixed that. Sony used to have 2 battery saving modes, STAMINA mode and Ultra STAMINA mode, but they dropped the former when Doze came in because they felt it did pretty much the same job.

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