Feature Request: Ability to download updates via mobile network

We live in a world were you can have 50 Gb/month of data for 20€…yet we can’t download an update without wifi
We live in a world were you can pilot a nuclear energy powered robot on MARS…but we can’t download an update without wifi
we live in a world we can harness energy from the sun, the earth, the water, the wind, we master all the elements, but we can’t download an update without wifi
Dear Fairphone, please acknowledge that we are in 2017…this is ridiculous


What exactly is your problem? You cannot download the update with a 3G or 4G connection?

Yup, we are not allowed to do that, when i click on “install” it tells me to connect to a wifi network

Very strange, indeed! :confused:

I’m sure the FP team know about this, but I’ll raise it on the bug tracker as an enhancement. Remember the FP Updater was created when the updates were around 600mb, which is a lot to allow anyone to download on a 3g/4g connection to be honest. Certainly in the UK, people have restricted download limits on some networks still.

The updates are now much smaller as they are partial. Perhaps they could enable partial updates to be done by 3g/4g (and present some info on the size of the update so people can make an informed choice). For full updates I would suggest the restriction would need to remain

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no need for restriction, just say something like “you are about to download a large amount of data, depending on your carrier and subscribtion, it can lead to increased costs”.
People are dumb, but c’mon…leave the choice, at least !

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I can understand your frustration, but that reminds me of those (rather stupid) Windows UAC dialogue boxes that appear every time when applications request elevation to get administrator rights, depending on current UAC settings.

Most of the time, people would not even think about what such questions really mean when the answer is “Yes”. It could have serious impacts to the whole system, e.g. a volume that gets encrypted by a Trojan. Many people click on “Yes” anytime, because they got used to it…

Chris, when you are ready, could you post a link to the bug report? I would then favour closing this thread.

It works perfectly on the google play store (“do you want to download this large application ?”), and Google is the perfect example of “no options for you…it’s better for you…we know better than you how you want to use your phone”…so, if even Google allows, that, maybe Fairphone could allow it too !




Thank you, @Chris_R. @all: Please refer to the feature request posted at Fairphone’s bugtracker.