Fast Charger 25W or 30W?

I have to order my fairphone, but I don’t know if I have to order the fast charger.
II have before a S7 with 25W power charge. It is OK for fast charge of Fairphone or 30W is better ?

It’s fine. The 30W will be a bit faster but it’s still going to charge pretty fast.


30W is going to be a little faster, but using a 25W one is okay.

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If you use the eco mode for charging it will charge with 7.5 W only anyway, so even chargers without quick charge capabilities are sufficient.

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I take a photo of my chargeur and zoom it ! (it’s written very small)
9V x 1.67A = 15W or 5V x 2A = 10W
The information of 25W of the S7 charger is bad.
I think order the charger indeed.
Tanks to All

But if the charger can provide 5V and maximum 2A, then 5V and 1.5A isn’t an issue either. While the voltages are fixed values, the current values are maximum values. They can be lower depending on what the power consumer (=phone) wants to consume.
On the other hand my charger can do 1A @ 5V only, so the phone may get somewhat less than what it could take at 5V.
The same goes for the higher voltages. In the worst case charging will take a little longer. But since most people are charging during the night that shouldn’t matter too much most of the times, but it’ll keep stress from your battery.
I was thinking of getting a quick charge-capable charger when I bought my FP5. But I decided to first try it with the existing one and at least for me that’s sufficient.


And the cable is as important as the charger. So def test first with the equipment you have. My FP4 could fast charge with a quite old not quick charger while the FP5 charges normal not fast with this charger cable combination


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