Far right touch screen triggers wrong keyboard letters

Specifically if I try to type “P” I get “O”. Is this in fact a touch screen issue? … before I try to purchase a new touchscreen. Thanks!

Probably. Go to Settings -> Maintenance -> Checkup and try the free drawing tool to make sure. If drawing doesn’t work as expected there it’s a hardware issue. Take a screenshot and send it to support. If you still have warranty (2 years) you’ll probably get a free replacement.

PS: You can also try to #disassemble the phone and clean the contacts with alcohol. Maybe there is just dirt on the contacts causing the issue.

Oh and about the topic title: That’s what you get when buying a socialist phone. Far-right stuff won’t work. :wink:


So you’re saying that the far right isn’t as good at triggering as it thinks it is? When you push the far right’s buttons, it responds poorly? Stop the presses!

But seriously: you can also try installing a different keyboard, see if it’s a software problem. The AOSP keyboard can be a bit finicky for some (it is for me, I tend to miss the space bar).

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“That’s what you get when buying a socialist phone…” Hilarious!
Well indeed drawing doesn’t work on the far right, and persists after cleaning. Unfortunately the phone is > 2 years … so I guess it’s a new screen for me.

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