Fantastic cam modules and how to reuse them... better!?!

Hi Fairphoners!

This could appear as a dumb question, but I want to give it a go anyway:

Do you think it would be possible to use the old back camera to put it inside the old top module in order to create an 8 Mpx front camera and so avoiding to buy an extra top module - that also has a lot of other perfectly functioning hardware, which would be sad to throw away?
Would it fit? Would it be possible to make the software recognise it?


Would be nice if it is just plug and play. But I can’t imagine that it will work. I am sure if that would work Fairphone considered that. For example the back camera has an adjustable focus, the front camera not. I am sure that solves the question for software support. Cause it is simply not programmed for the front camera. Even if someone did the unsoldering and resoldering in the top module, it will not work until someone change the programming.
As the Lineage Users know, the new modules only work after they flashed a new build of the OS. The same for FP OS, but the users did not recognised, the new software support came with the normal update intervall.


Regarding software, apps can use focus features on front cameras with Camera2 API, AFAIK. At least, I don’t find anything in the Android docs that states de contrary, and Camera2 API works by querying for features, not assuming them.

Now, I don’t know if the camera driver will just work as is nor if the resoldering is viable (power consumption, space, etc).


the OP idea will not work… but the last word about using the cameras outside the FP2 in a different way has not yet been said…

Did anyone here already think about trying to get the cameras to work in a different way?


Would be great if there was a possibility to use it as a webcam. But how to communicate with the camera outside the phone? Which bus does it use? If it was possible to somehow connect it with a raspberry or even an arduino that would be great.


Yep, people would probably need some more information about the bus interface.


If it was possible to somehow connect it with a raspberry or even an arduino that would be great.

Imagine the possibilities if FP would create special connector shields to connect individual modules with the RPi or Arduino! Aside from something like a WebCam hack, it probably would also open up the door for repair shops to check if modules are really irrepairably broken or not.


Seems like a great idea.
Maybe something for “our” award winning master tinkerer @Cherry97.
He so amazes me by all the ideas he comes up with.
Unfortunately I just have to wait till it has reached the stadium of plug and enjoy.


I would subscribe to that patreon project

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