Fake Google virus alert

Hello there,
This message just popped up with an alarm tone - “Your system is heavily damaged by Four virus!”.
I rebooted but it is still there. I know not to clink on the link but wondered what I need to do to get rid of it.
Any ideas?
Many thanks

Please provide a screenshot! :slight_smile:


Sorry - how would I do that?

Press VOL- + POWER

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Here it is…

Well, that’s just a website in your browser! It’s not your Android-system. I hope you didn’t do the steps in this text? :wink:

When does it appear? Only when browsing certain sites or automatically on boot? What does happen if you press OK? Which Browser do you use?

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It seems that your browser was hijacked.
I found this: http://mobilesecurityzone.com/four-virus-android-removal/


The server tells itself … :wink:

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No - I didn’t follow the steps. So, after I reboot, then go onto my browser (Firefox) and immediately it happens again.
If I press ‘OK’, the attached comes up. I didn’t allow…

Thanks Irina,
The article had the fix and now looks fine.
Best wishes


Thanks for engaging.

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