Fairphone's Recycling Program - launch

We’ve got some exciting news:

We’re ready to launch the Fairphone Recycling Program!

It’s a program that will allow the Fairphone community to send back their old, used phones for reuse or responsible recycling - and for Fairphone owners, you get FREE shipping of 2 phones.

We will be launching the program on our blog and social media in the coming days, but I wanted to share it with you all first here on the forum. Note: We do prefer that only high-value phones are shipped to our recycling partner, and that low-value phones are recycled locally. Often the cost of shipping is more expensive than the value of the phone! We explain it more on our program page.

Take a look!

If you have questions or feedback already, please write it below. Start collecting those used phones!

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Yeah, that’s a great step in making the circle round. :smile:


Excellent news! :smile_cat:

Great. I might donate a phone or two. What’s sad though is that I am not turning in my previous phone, as I currently use it as a GPS navigation unit when driving my car because FP’s own GPS is so completely unreliable.