Fairphone's Mobile World Congress Video Challenge

We are going to MWC and we need your help. Let the world know your Fairphone story.

The best way to spread our story is to spread yours. We are choosing 9 community members to tell the world why they chose the Fairphone as their prefered mobile device. Are you up for the challenge? If so, read how to participate below.

To participate, you must:

  • Be a Fairphone Owner
  • Share our values
  • Be fearless when voicing your opinion
  • Know how to hum the Fairphone ringtone

How are we telling your story? Easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Send us a video answering the following questions in 3 words:
    Why did you become a Fairphoner?
    Why do you love your Fairphone?

  2. In the same video, hum the Fairphone ringtone!

  3. From the videos we receive, we will choose 9 of our favorites, compile them into one video, and showcase it at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

We will choose our favorites based on these criteria:

  • No “pointing fingers” or attacking any other companies within the industry.
  • Always be respectful and positive
  • You agree to have your image used for Fairphone’s commercial purposes
  • Use your Fairphone to film yourself
  • We will select the best video based on quality, diversity and messaging.

You have until February 10th, 2017 to submit your video to kelly@fairphone.com via WeTransfer and we will announce the winners on this forum and our Facebook page by sharing each of the 9 selected videos everyday for a week after submission date.

PS: We created a video for you to help you make the best out filming with a Fairphone!


Don’t FP1-owners have a disadvantage here in terms of video quality? :wink: My camera is even broken… :stuck_out_tongue: (Well, I broke it when I replaced the midframe… :blush: )

Nope! You can borrow someones camera. Film it with any camera you can get your hands on. We will mostly look at the content :slight_smile:

But it says above:

Use your Fairphone to film yourself

Ah yeah… @anon49920859 is the boss here. Better take her rules seriously :slight_smile:

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