Fairphone5 Feedback

Not sure where to put this but these are some things I’ve wanted to relay back to the FP team about my new FP5.

Brightness shouldn’t reset/change when the display turns off. Right now you get flashbanged with high brightness when you turn on the display after it’s been in a darker area.

Double tap to wake is inconsistent. Never had this issue on my old phone. Sometimes I need to do it a couple times for it to register.

Double tap to wake should also have an option to not trigger if the prox sensor is active (ie. phone is probably in your pocket).

Auto brightness isn’t smooth towards the lower end. There’s an abrupt jump to the darkest values. No, extra dim isn’t enabled. Yes, I’m on the latest update as of this post.

Volume levels for notifications could still have a little more granularity.

I wish there was a way to use the fingerprint sensor for other functions when it’s not currently being used for biometrics. Example would be if I tap the sensor while the screen is off it’ll do the com.android.systemui.doze.pulse intent (toggles the ambient display briefly). Or maybe I want to long touch the sensor while the screen is off and have the flashlight toggle. That’d be handy. Just throwing out some ideas of use cases.

I wish I had the ability to revoke ALL network permissions per app. Currently only supports blocking background network access. LOS has full network blocking. Very nice feature to have.

I wish it had a notification led somewhere. It’d be really slick if it was in the side of the frame taking the place of those little horizontal notches.

I wish that in the app info section it also showed the app’s internal name down by the version at the bottom. Like com.walmart.android. Makes it easier to look up apps in google, or in my case I use the internal name to progmatically enable/disable apps with Tasker.

I wish there was a rubberized backing for it. Phones these days feel slippery. Think of the Nexus 5 texture or the LGV10. Grippy but didn’t catch on pockets.

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Good points, but as this is a user forum make sure to let Fairphone themselves know here: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I guess you know, LOS is availabld for the FP5?

Easily accesible in the Aurora Store

Pocket mode exist in FPOS

Add your voice to the topic and as mentioned contact support

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Does not work stable, I had already some pocket dials with my FP5 and enabled Pocket mode

Thats a different story…

“I guess you know, LOS is availabld for the FP5?”

To me, LOS is a last resort. It has quirks and issues that I’m willing to tolerate when official support for a device I’m using is no longer the case. And it’s certainly not worth moving to LOS for one feature.

“Easily accesible in the Aurora Store”

It could also be easily accessible at the bottom of the app info screen if someone decided to put that information there. Just saying.

“Pocket mode exist in FPOS”

Tested pocket mode. It introduces problems. Like the screen not turning off while my phone is connected to android auto. Or the display not turning off right away when the phone is locked from my nova launcher double tap action.

These problems DO NOT exist when pocket mode is disabled.

"its now working, however you need to hold/touch the FP, i.e does not work when lying flat or in a car holder "

I have the FP sensor not set up for fingerprint access. I lift my phone and hold it in my hand (screen off), I hold the FP sensor, nothing happens. So if this is a feature currently implemented it doesn’t seem to work properly.