Fairphone3 Minerals List

Is there an updates list somewhere of all the minerals and and resources that are used to build the Fairphone 3 and the exact amount used?

I live in Vienna and our Natural History Museum has quite an extensive collection of minerals from all around the world and I’m thinking about using the holidays to write a build your own Fairphone3 treasure hunt for my son and his school class.


I have no list you are looking for and I don’t remember such a list being published.
But the Fairphone Blog has lots of interesting information on this topic (mostly regarding the Fairphone 2 of course). Here is just a short selection; and there are lots of further links in every blogpost:




This is still the most current info I have.

Btw, maybe we, the @AustrianFairphoners could help you with the treasure hunt. Which grade is your son in?


For completeness sake: www.austrianfairphoners.org

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