Fairphone3 fails to boot after upgrade to lineage-19.1-20230206

Hi dear community,

I upgraded to the latest LineageOS firmware this morning (lineage-19.1-20230206), and now the phone keeps on rebooting on its own.
I get the Fairphone splashscreen, the blue line with the bubble running right to left for about 2m30s, then vibrates and back to Fairphone splashscreen.

I’ve had regular application crashed for a while, and particularly this morning (including Google apps crashes) - I was particularly eager to install that update in the hope that it fixes the problems…

Anyone had same experience / any idea how I get the phone starting ?

Thanks !

Are you booting the correct slot? Reminder …

For now, whatever you do, don’t consent to a factory reset too quickly if asked to “Try again” or “Factory data reset”.

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Hi AnotherElk,

Many thanks for your reply ;

I would have expected the slot to change since I applied the update OTA, it always works like a charm…

My phone was not detected with fastboot command, and adb device listed my device with unauthorized status …

But as the adb sideload command worked, I finally resolved to applying the same update manually via adb, following that procedure , but skipping the Factory Reset step.
Also installed the GApps.

And rebooted nicely back into LineageOS, as if nothing had happened :smiley:

So, all good for now I now I know what to do if that happens again !


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