Fairphone3+ all ringtones disappeared


I hope this is the right place for this technical question.


At 23. Nov. 2020 my FP3+ suddenly only plays a simple bell on incoming calls.
Inside the system menu there are no ringtones available for selection. Also notification tones cannot be selected anymore. Only a number is displayed.

How can this suddenly happen?
Did anyone had a similar issue?


  • FP3 with upgraded front and rear cameras
  • Reset to factory default some weeks ago
  • SD card
  • Build number: 8901.3.A.0054.20200929
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Is it formatted as internal/phone storage? If yes, reformat it as external storage and try again, it is known that formatting as internal storage causes issues.

Otherwise, a manual reinstallation of the OS might be needed…


The SD Card ist formatted as external storage.
The reason for the factory reset some weeks ago was an SD card, formatted as internal storage.
Factory reset cost me over 1 day of reconfiguration - nightmare…

Exactly the same strange thing happened to me yesterday (23. Nov. 2020). My configuration is the same as @Torohpal s is - but I use the FP3 (w/o +). And yes, my SD-card is external storage too and never was formatted “internal”.
The lack of ringtones effected my alarm clock too - I nearly overslept yesterday! I downloaded and activated a single alarm tone last night to get up in time today.
What’s going on there?