Fairphone2 wanted urgently

Hi Fairphone-Community!

I am looking for a Fairphone 2 in decent shape, doesn’t have to look too good from the outside, it should just be healthy and lovely from the inside. I think I have some problem with the core module so that is what I really need.

New camera would be a nice plus, but the standard camera is good too 'cause I’m not photo addicted.

Matteo from Modena - Italy

Hello Mateo,

Contact me if you are interested.
Walter (Austria)


I have a FP2 with the new camera.
I replaced it yesterday with a new telephone. Give me a couple of days to check all out and I am ready to let go of the FP2.

If you are interested - contact me and give me your price!

Berndt Holmström
you should be able to contact me privatly thru my profile here, right?

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