Fairphone2 stopped working

Hi everyone,
My fairphone 2 is not working anymore.
It used to crash regularly. Since last week, it starts but its not possible to interact with it. Screen can be all black, all white, or green or all colors, or …

I have:

  • made sure everything was updated
  • removed a lot of apps,
  • removing SIM cards one by one,
  • removing memory card,
  • removing the screen to clean the connectors,
  • changing battery,
  • do a hard reset,

nothing helped. Any idea?

I don’t quite understand.

How could you try all that while the screen only shows odd colors?

once in while in stays on for long enough to do something. Like 10min in a row… every 20 restarts.

Oh ok. Well since you already tried a hard reset as well as cleaning the screen’s connectors I’d guess it’s a hardware issue. You could look if there is an #fairphoneangels group near you and let them help you test if it’s a broken screen (by swapping modules) or simply contact support. Calling them is usually fastest.

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