Fairphone2 and Insta360 Air Cam

Ive bought an Insta360 Air camera, plugs directly in by USB-OTG and uses both the power and memory of the phone.

after putting in the cam, it is recognizes in the “Insta360 Air” App, it connects, then disconnects and then the Insta360 Air App crashes.

also other cam Apps like “USB Camera” seem to recognize the cam, try to connect and then crash.

it s unclear to me if the information from the cam is coming from 2 different physical cams, of if the 2 cams are already stiched into 1 image before sending to the phone. I guess last option.

With some USB-OTG Test App it seems like OTG itself is working.
Also connecting storage devices over USB-OTG seems to work.

Fairphone is running latest OS version. Insta360 has latest firmware. Insta360 cam does give image on


  1. did anyone succeed in connecting any (web)cam directly via the USB-OTG to the Fairphone2?
    Any tips that helped you?
  2. did anyone succeed in connecting a 360 surround (web)cam like Insta360 directly via the USB-OTG to the Fairphone2?
    Any tips what helped?
  3. any other tips to test or to be fixed in getting this Insta360 Air Cam to work with FP2?


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