Fairphone with LTE Support


unfortunately my current smartphone is faulty so I need to buy a new one. I’m really interested in buying a Fairphone but as far as I understand the current version doesn’t support LTE networks.
My Question: Is it possible to upgrade the current Fairphone in the future so that it does support LTE (e.g. insert a new motherboard)? I’m afraid without LTE my smartphone will be out-dated in a year.

Thanks for your help!


No, the fairphone isn’t upgradeable. The team are working on a 2nd model for release in 2015, and I would expect 4g to be a feature (although know nothing about proposed capabilities)

3G isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even GPRS and Edge networks are still available everywhere.
As for the argument that a non-4G phone is going to be outdated because it cannot handle the faster Internet speeds, I’m not convinced of that either. Do you really need those speeds? 3G is still fast enough to do basically anything you can do on the Internet right now. I’d go as far as to say that anyone who claims you’ll be needing 4G in a year from now has been brainwashed by telco propaganda.

Besides, if you really want to have some massive Internet speeds, go into the nearest MacDonals, Starbucks or whatever and connect to the public WiFi.



thanks for your reply!
You’re right, Jerry, 3G won’t be out-dated in the next years. But I am not so sure, that I don’t get any difficulties with a phone that doesn’t support in LTE in the next years. Probably not in the next year, but maybe in 3 or 4 years.
I will use an old phone and wait until the next generation of Fairphones is available. Does anyone have a clue when this will be the case? Of course not an exact date, but a long guess?

Here are 2 pages you will find helpful:

Can you tell me more about the features included in the 2015 Fairphone?

Where can I find out more about the new Fairphone being launched in 2015? Is there a mailing list I can sign up for?

Jerry, I don’t agree with you, WIFI is not something that can be compared to LTE… There would be no sense to build a phone in 2015 without LTE. The idea of Fairphone is to do a phone that can last for a while. LTE should be embedded in the FP2

Absolutely, and the FP team have been made aware of the feedback and will be considering whether to go with 4G/LTE.

There will be more details about the FP2 journey over coming weeks/months so keep checking the blogs for details - the latest post is here

As there isn’t anything more we can add to this topic based on the original post, I’m closing this topic off.