Fairphone usable in peru?

hello community!

i want to know whether it will be working there or not.

with my Browsers i couldn’t find the information on
the fairphone website. :frowning:

The peruanian telecom-services use 850 und 1900 MHz.

by the way: which Browser do you use? it has been a catastrophe to write and edit this posting with the built-in browser. in the most cases it was not possible to scroll the text windows/masks, i just saw very small aeres of the text, wasn’t able to change the cursor’s position and so on. opera told, it will not work in this site.
greetings, yvonne

I use Firefox as browser.
At frequency is says:
For all other countries outside Europe, you have to check yourself with your mobile network provider if they will and can support voice and 2G data on these frequencies: GSM/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz).

  1. Check this:

/2. I use Firefox Mobile to access the forum. The default Android browser is deprecated because of security issues. See this thread for tips on security.

thank you very much!
your hints were very helpful.

kind regards, yvonne

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