Fairphone Updater: how do I leave the beta mode?

Hey all,

Half a year ago I sent a bug report to FP, and later was pointed to a link that set my updater app to the “beta mode” so I could test if their fix worked (I don’t recall what it was right now, which means the bug got fixed :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Thing is, I’m still in that beta mode! So far everything works fine, however I’d like to stick to the stable builds for my phone - it’s a bit too important in daily life to risk bricking :disappointed_relieved:

Any ideas what to do?

EDIT: Paula’s solution below is correct, but for mysterious reasons the Updater app is called Fairphone Updater in the app-list, so don’t waste time scrolling to apps starting with the letter U :wink:

I believe clearing the updater app’s cache should do the trick.
PS: You may also need to clear data.

Settings > Apps > show System > Updater


That was fast! :heart:

Minor nitpick: it’s listed as Fairphone Updater, not Updater

(understandable mistake; everywhere else it’s labelled Updater - wonder how that works)

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After following the steps in above I am still in beta mode.

What I did was:
Settings > Apps > show System > Fairphone Updater > Storage > CLEAR CACHE

Reopening the Update app > still in “beta mode”
Restarting & reopening the app > still in “beta mode”

Do I have to CLEAR DATA?

There’s an advice in the Beta category of the forum to Clear Data of the Updater App to reset it to non-beta (in case you signed up as a beta tester, you can see the post here), so it seems you could try that.


Thanks @ AnotherElk, that did it.

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