Fairphone Update continuously available, in spite of multiple times installed

Hello there,

Since a few weeks, I get the notification that there is a new Fairphone update waiting to be installed on my phone. I have already installed the new update over 20 times - but I still get the notification. Every time, I fully install the new update, install Google Apps, and set everything up with my Google account. But the notification keeps coming.

How do I know whether the installation has been successful or not? And if not, what can I do to actually make it successful?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I have the same problem so would love to hear the solution!

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If you open the updater app and it doesn’t tell you that your current OS version is 1.8.5 then the update wasn’t successful.
In that case go to settings > developer options and tick “stay awake”. Plug-in your phone and try updating again. That should do it.

If in fact you did already update successfully then you shouldn’t get the message that a new update is available but the updater will just check if there is. The frequency and timing of these checks is not as intended which is why there is a bug report about it. Check that topic for a workaround.

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I went to settings > developer options > and then ticked the box “stay awake” (since “keep screen on” is not to be found there…). I plugged my phone in and tried again. At the moment, it is downloading Google Apps - and already I get the notification in the top of my screen that a new Fairphone update is available. Meaning it again didn’t work. My phone is still running now on Fairphone Cherry 1.6.

Do you have other options? Thank you!

I did the same and for me it seems to be working as i now do get another update but this is the kola nut 1.8.5. version. best Eveline

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Sorry, yes it’s called stay awake. Usually that does the trick but if not maybe you need to install manually.

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And how do I do that?

Here is how to! :slight_smile:


Perfect. Thank you! I’m gonna try it right now! :smiley:

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It worked. Thanks all!!!


Great. :smiley: You’re welcome

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