Fairphone unresponsive (completely dead)


So my FP1U is about 18 months old (with a new battery 6 months ago).

A few weeks ago the phone froze. Eventually I removed and replaced the battery.
However now the phone shows no sign of activity; nothing on the screen, no vibration and no charging led.

Testing the battery with a multimeter shows a good voltage, and the battery contacts in the phone also show a good voltage when the phone is plugged in- so i think it’s charging.

I’ve attempted a hard reset, without success.
I’ve tried different chargers.
I also contacted support, but haven’t heard back for 2 weeks.

Firstly, does anyone know what component might have failed?
Do people think this would/wouldn’t be covered under the warranty?



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Sounds to me like it’s the screen. If you didn’t let the phone fall and it’s not 2 years old yet I guess it should be covered by warranty.

To get a response faster post your request number here:

Thanks, I’ll definitely do that.

I don’t think it is the screen as the charging LED doesn’t light up. Also i get no vibration when I turn it on and can’t call it.

Thanks for the advise- I’ll post on that other thread.


i think i have a similar problem. 3 years my first Fairphone (1) works.
But tomorrow it stopped completly, without any accidant (no fall, no liquid nearby) - just off.

No reaction at all from the phone and no red LED, when trying to load it.
Am i right, by guessing that in this case a battery replacement will not work?

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You would have to try a working battery to confirm this. It could indeed be that the battery is completely broken.


it is now working again. Battery is still just fine - which is good after ~ 3 years :slight_smile:
But i found another posting describing the same thing:

Just remove the battery for a longer time, should do the trick.



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