Fairphone Survey for School

Please help us by filling out this survey, we are doing a project based on the Fairphone to help people get to know more about it! Your answers are very much appriciated


A little tip: Use expandable text input instead of one-line inputs. :slight_smile:


I found it too - a double print “* 10. Would you you invest in a Fairphone?

Is there anything to win? :smiley:

Will we see the results some day too?

@naja1ra Although I very much appreciate you for doing this project and sharing it with us, depending on the goal of your project it’s probably not a good idea to ask us to fill out the form, because almost everyone here already knows much about FP and has one themselves, so it will lower the “randomness” of people filling it out and therefore the results won’t be that significant anymore… :confused:


That was my thought as well. But when the data finally is analyzed it should show up how many are already keeping a Fairphone due to question 3. current phone.

But as we don’t know the exact reasons for this survey we can only guess which results are expected and processed.
Maybe it’s the user groups age, maybe the in-depth knowledge about the phone concept, maybe how much weight is put on the social or fair factor by the (potential) users…

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