Fairphone Support delays

Hi, I’ve sent a support request almost one month ago and I’ve not yet received an answer. Fairphone only sent an email after one week explaining that they were having some delays so to be patient. It’s almost one month and I don’t know what to do :confused:
Did anyone else have the same problem?

Hi Simone,

It seems Fairphone support team really is overwhelmed nowadays… But a month seems very long to me… Maybe @formerFP.Com.Manager could look into your issue if you give your ticket number?


Indeed, they seem to be quite overwhelmed. See here for the last support status:

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Thanks a lot! Should I contact her in private or I just write here my ticket number?

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She’ll probably answer soon but you can already write here your ticket number to make it quicker :wink:


I also experienced an about one month delay before getting a human response. Fortunately, my issue is not critical. The responding support analyst was very apologetic. Resolution is still on-going with the analyst now waiting for some further information from me.

I have no suggestion on what to do if you have a critical issue (that is, something which you need Fairphone’s help and it cannot wait). Other than, of course, trying to self-verify (possibly with the help of this Forum) that the problem really is critical, and you really do need Fairphone’s help!

However, in ALL cases, I suggest: Stay polite. Stay patient. Be as helpful and informative as you can (e.g., “My battery is discharging abnormally fast” is better than “It don’t work!” as a title). Whilst I cannot speak for Fairphone or their support analysts, I presume they are as unhappy with the situation as the customers are, and probably under a great deal of stress. (I also hope they are trying to understand the root-causes and implement measures to not only deal with the backlog, but to also make it unlikely to happen again.)

And, of course, this Forum may be able to provide advice, suggestions, or possibly even a solution.


Thank you for the information, they answered. Anyway, when you ask for support you specify if it’s urgent or not so I guess they answer first to who needs it :slight_smile:

I dropped the phone about a meter onto a wooden floor. When I picked it up the screen was just showing coloured noise. I switched off and on, tried removing the battery etc - no change. I removed and replaced the display module and now the screen is just black. The phone buzzes when I push the power switch. I don’t know whether the problem is just the screen, or the phone itself. I messaged support on 6th November and received a holding reply on 12th, but nothing since. The issue is clearly urgent and critical as I don’t have a working phone. If I don’t get a reply til after a month from my initial enquiry, and then any fix takes time after that, I am likely to be phone-less for a couple of months including over the Christmas holidays. I understand that Fairphone is a small company and struggling with high demand, but customer support is vital for any business and Fairphone is letting its customers down. They have had time to hire and train more support staff, but apparently have not done so. Unless I get a response soon and can fix my Fairphone, this will be enough to put me off buying another one _ I will feel I have no alternative but to buy from one of the major manufacturers offering a higher spec for less money and better customer support. I love the Fairphone ethos, and am willing to accept some compromises but this is really not acceptable performance. Unless anyone in the Forum has any suggestions? There are no Angels anywhere near me and in any case we are in lockdown!) I fear I will have to buy a new phone from another company, reluctantly.

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@formerFP.Com.Manager or anyone else, if you can help, my ticket is Request #398173

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Try bending the screen by holding opposite corners like described here (and have a look at the rest of the topic):

Sort of a workaround rather than a fix, but better than nothing.


Thanks Alex. I checked the relevant series of posts and tried everything , including disassembling the phone, removing the screen, cleaning the contacts and twisting. Result!! It now seems to be working again. I really hope it continues to do so. Thanks to the Forum for the help when the Fairphone support has not given any. The Forum community is excellent, and one of the things i would miss if I had to move from Fairphone. Well done and thank you.


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