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Some days ago I had to write a mail to the support because of my dissolving FP2 case. 23 hours later I got the answer, that they will send me a new slim case an warranty. Two days after that the postman brought it to me. I have been sorry to loose my old transparent case, but the new one looks quite nice and of course much better than the broken one. A little bit difficult to fix it at the phone, but no issues, no reboots.
Thank you, FairPhone support!


And here I am , waiting for my screen since one month…

I know, I wrote about my back case to give a stimulation for further support improvements!

Hallo Heiner, when did you bye your Fairphone? My case is damaged too and I was one of the first owners. Do you think its in the warranty too?
LG Michaila

Hi Michaila,
as far as I know the warranty runs for two years from the date of
delivery (for people living in Germany). Probably it depends on the law
of the country where you are living. Besides of that I think, Fairphone
gives a manufacturer guaranty of two years (for batteries only one
year). I subscribed my fp2 in August 2015 and got it on the 16. of
January 2016.
When you are claiming for warranty don’t forget to attache pictures of
the broken case at your mail. As an example see my pictures attached,but
please produce your own ones.

Success to your claim!

Just to clarify because people often confuse two separate things in that regard: In Germany those two years warranty would be the claim you have against the dealer who sold you stuff, not against the company who produced it, and it would have to be faulty from the start, which is generally assumed if it broke until 6 months after you bought it, the dealer can try to prove otherwise if he/she doesn’t want to give in to the claim. With a failure more than 6 months after you bought something you have to prove to the dealer the stuff was faulty from the start.

Any warranty the company producing the stuff gives you has nothing to do with that.

In German it is a bit easier to distinguish the two things, because the claim against the dealer is Gewährleistung, while the producer may give you Garantie. In English both translate to warranty.

Not much relevant in this case I guess, so … carry on :slight_smile: …

Vielen Dank, Heiner.
Wir haben den gleichen Fehler am FP2. Also an der gleichen Stelle.
Fabrikfehler. Ich habe ihnen schon geschrieben und sie senden mir ein neues Cover.
Das finde ich sehr nett. Ich war schon nahe dran eines zu kaufen! So ist es natĂĽrlich besser :slight_smile:
LG Michaila

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