Fairphone stuck in fastboot mode - bootloader unlocked

It does turn the phone off for a few seconds within which it reboots in bootloader again.
I’m going to try the FPOS thing but as I am, as @FairphoneHulk said, an absolute layman (woman) I’m not sure I’ll manage. Anyway thanks again, I’ll keep you all inform !

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If there are #fairphoneangels near you, you might try to ask for local help if you preferred that.


Hello guys ! Took a bit of time here because the Fairphone USB cable just broke, one part staying in my pc and the other in my hand… Murphy’s law…
SO, I tried to flash the FPOS and AFTER doing all that @FairphoneHulk suggested it did work and did made my phone get out of bootloader. Oof !!
I’m kinda scared to try flashing IodéOS again and at the same time very curious to see if we (my fairphone and I) can manage.
Thank you so much for your precious help, you all !!


Last Update : IodéOS is installed ! Can’t beleive we got out of this. Thanks again !