Fairphone’s approach to root on the Fairphone 2

Hi @anon90052001!
Thanks for clarification, and thanks to the FP team for the support and effort I enjoyed concerning my FP1.

While I perfectly understand FPs decision, I really hope option 2. will be available soon. Untill then, I won’t even bother unboxing the FP2.

I’m sympathetic to people ‘feeling sick’ about the very idea of sending it back!

Still yours :wink:,

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You guys know you could always use KingRoot or some other app to root your phones, right? It has been known to work and the process is not all thatcomplicated. Other options will arrive rather soon as well.
And as far as Fairphone is concerned: just give them some time.
They will give us 2 versions of Android, one with Gapps and without root (mainstream version) and one with root and without Gapps (but probably still installable). And those 2 versions will be fully supported and will probably cover the wishes of 95% of the userbase. The remaining 5% will have to either start playing around themselves or wait a little longer until clear tutorials become available.
Reading through tis threat, I can see there are a lot of people who are insecure about what exactely is going to happen and if their wishes will be fulfilled, which I can understand. But there are also some people who are in my opinion clearly overstepping a border in the way they are voicig their concerns. I’m still very very new to this Forum, but I would really like this to be a place where people talk to each other nicely and don’t throw their verbal feces into the devs’ faces. Remember that they are the good guys! They made possible an idea that each of us can identifies with. And they are on our side! They might just not always have the options to offer all the solutions the community desires. And they also won’t be as fast as Samsung or Apple, employing thousands of developers and selling millions of phones. Just give them some credit for what they have achieved and be a bit more patient. I’m sure solutions will arive…



I’m sorry if I sound stupid but give me an exemple of “services”… I’m not sure what you mean…

Google Play Service, Google Location Service, …

I won’t bet on it but I think yes…

For what I’ve seen, there are various opinions about rooting the phone with Kingroot, and the user experience on this is not very comforting.

As you said it yourself on the related topic :

This convinces me that as of now, neither SuperSU, nor KingRoot are goot rooting solutions for the FP2.

I’ll use the FP2 without root for now, waiting for a way to root my phone (running the pre-installed OS, for now), should it be official, or unofficial (and even if I have to root it again after updates, I’ll go with that).


Exactely! I think they are not good. Others might decide otherwise. You want a rooted device, I want a rooted device. You will wait for a better alternative. I will do the same. Point remains: Another, better alternative will be there. Latest, when FP-osos comes out. Just be a little patient and don’t forget how much was achieved already…


I will be. On the level of commitment that we have shown (pre-ordering a phone 6 months before its production is kind of a beautiful leap of faith), I think not getting root is not “worth” sending the phone back. Buying a Fairphone is much more than that (though, as a customer, I expect it).


Looks like they’re missing the ‘install custom recovery’ step. of course supersu isn’t going to be signed by the stock recovery.

I’ll ask the sailfish guys whether they’ve compiled a third-party recovery in their porting quest they might like to share.


Cool! Please keep us up to date on that! I am currently digging through tutorials and stuff on my way to building a compatible TWRP, but if someone already compiled a working recovery, that could save me some time :smile:



Actually I don’t understand how you come to that conclusion. “No more google” is already an option for many phones for a long time with custom roms. And it definetly didn’t start with fairphone.

Fairphone is a social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer
electronics. By making a phone, we’re opening up the supply chain and
creating new relationships between people and their products. We’re
making a positive impact across the value chain in mining, design,
manufacturing and life cycle, while expanding the market for products
that put ethical values first. Together with our community, we’re
changing the way products are made.

This is the text from the “about” page of Fairphone. There is nothing about root. Allthough I can understand that it is important, also to FP, it is not the most important thing. And like with the production itself: Patience.


Please, have some patience. Give the software team some time to come with a solution for root access. No not days, but some weeks at least.


I’m not sure if you are serious here. I’m just a enthusiast, not an employee of Fairphone but I think you are over-estimating the importance and impact of the root access - widely!

If the aspects you mention would be so important to people, tell me why Jolla, OpenMoko, Firefox OS and even Blackberry are almost absent from the European market? Even in the very concius German market, I have never ever seen a Jolla in the wild. I just speculate, but I am pretty sure Fairphone already got more pre-orders in Germany the Jolla ever sold. And I see potential for a market share larger then Jolla, Firefox Os and all of them combined. Why is that? Why do people not buy these Google free phones? I think because they do not care so much or weight other stuff at higher priority, like having access to all these apps their friends have.

I do not think Fairphone should neglect all you guys not wanting Google. And they provide something pretty unique with code.Fairphone.com. But they are not changing the world through open or Google free software. They are still pretty much a start-up and the truly unique things they provide is raising awareness, transparency in sourcing and production and modularity. And by being very open software wise, as open as they can be, be it for legal or security reasons.

There is an attitude here that really gets on my nerves and it seems to be: “Do stuff exactly as I tell you or else you must be wrong, blind,naive,etc.”. I think this is ignorant. If you really think you could change the world by installing a open, but 100% controlled by Google and it’s partners but removing access to Googles services that are essential to many users, who am I tell you this is stupid. I would ask you: Do you really think this has mass market potential? Why did others fail with similar strategies? And finally what about all those binary blobs and closed chipsets in modems and whatever that could do anything to your data?


When reading about Fairphone1 i was very happy about it beeing rooted and about the bonus of it beeing Fair …
I was thinking about suggesting to make the next like the Raspberry BOOTING from an unencrypted SD …
That would make it UNBRICKABLE, many resources and money would be saved if even a stupid person would just need someone being able to use linux to dd an image to an SD to unbrick phones !
It wold also make EVERYTHING possible ( including ROOT ) which can be done by changing a linux/android filesystem …
Unfortunately i never took the time to suggest this …

Now i found the announcement of Fairphone2 and the comittment to make everything available to build the os with evey drivers and was happy …
I was thinking about bying Fairphone2 but then i found it will be without root ( at least some time ) …
i decided to wait at least until some users get the working rootable version with every hardware working normally and are at least using playstore maps and chrome without problems and eventually with automatic firmware updates …

now i have some suggestions …
sell a module ( or at least the wiring diagram therfore ) which is able to acess the flash inside the Fairphone2 as an external usb drive from a linux pc and mount and change ALL partitions …
( would also make the phone UNBRICKABLE … and BACKUP/RESTORE were EASY )
or try to make a boot option which makes the Fairphone2 act not as a phone but temporaryli as if it were an unecrypted usb-stick …
hopefully this is not forbidden by google and when the storage is mountable and the os is not eforcing (cryptografic) checks on the files/binarys therin everything is possible …

if you develop a Fairphone3 try the “boot from sdcard” approach …

If it were UNBRICKABLE and easy BACUP/RESTORE this way even when accidently doing stupid things lots of Developers and normal People would by it for this reason …
may be you would create lots of new android developers …
people which now are to frightend about the costs of a bricked device would easyly start learnig …

long time ago when i was a kid i got my first linux on 32 floppys and installed it …
some time later i modifyed a harddisk driver because it originally did not lock my root device which was a magnetooptic drive and annoyingly from time to time i accidently ejected the running linux root …
the modification worked well and solved the problem …

i had never even thought about doing this if there had been any possibility to brick my PC …

there will be lots of extra android developers if there will be absolutely no risk to damage your hardware !!!


@Sonne, actually, that’s not the status. Sorry if it’s hidden somewhere in the avalanche of answers. If so, please point it out to me.

I haven’t seen a post yet that officially says that the fp-osos is fully supported. Yes, there is the website. Yes, they post on there that “We also want our owners to feel that they can open up and control their software.” and “To set the example, we will soon release a build of the open source code for you to install. We will do so regularly to incorporate updates and security fixes.” However, this only shows intentions (which are very nice for us as a customer and indeed go further than what’s regularly seen) and are in no way hard commitments to fp-osos support (which is needed by me at least as a customer).

Looking at what happened in the past with communications from fairphone, I’m waiting until it’s said black on white what the support status is of fp-osos. One thing I have learned from this whole topic, is that it’s just as important to read what’s really said as it’s to read what has not been said.

Since it’s clear that FP is not willing or not allowed (not clear yet what it is) to help out on rooting the original OS, I see two options for the people who care about rooting:

As it stands right now, neither option gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

I did open a support ticket in which I’m waiting for an answer on the support level of fp-osos.


@r0kk3rz, any luck with getting a custom recovery ?

Well, following your logic that nothing officially has been published you can also not assume this:

because this has only be stated in this (community) forum topic.

So I would suggest for your own sake that you either ignore everything said from FP members here in the thread or consider everything said by them and not pick which statement you believe and which not :wink:


Hello Fairphone-Team,
:slight_smile: I’m full of respect for your work -chapeau! Still wishfully waiting for my phone, -but it’s ok, I ordered in November.

But anyway, did I really understood correctly, that you don’t give us the choice to root -or not to root our 5.1-FP2 ??? It’s hard to believe!!!, it’s not like you, doesn’t fit to your company philosophy!!! -I slept two nights over it, -to cool a bit down… :wink: -but it still feels like stomach pains… :frowning:
I know, you are working on Open Source OS, and maybe there come also an Firefox-OS and others… -but when???

…PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE give us an official way/possibility to root our 5.1-FP2!!! PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE…

With kindly regards,

PS: I know, to root the phone brings a lot of risk, -and a rooted phone is anyway far away from “googlefree” and to root is not a panacea. On contrary, a rooted phone is (can be) more unprotected and unsafe… , -BUT IT’S FREEDOM!!!


No, you did not understand that correctly.


No, you have the choice to root. There will be no official tools for the pre-installed Os with Google Apps due to security, but also legal reasons. You have two alternatives: 1) Follow one of the guides from users that successfuly installed super user on their FP2 already. 2) Install the Fairphone open source OS build coming soon and officially from Fairphone that will either include super user (root) or easy ways to install it.

So, enjoy your Freedom! :grin: