Fairphone repairs in North Devon

Hi, My FP2 has recently all but stopped working. Can anyone recommend a somewhere that I can take it for testing/repair in or near my locality, please?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community forum.

Until somebody in the know answers here, perhaps you might want to contact the North England #fairphoneangel (<- see link for info) and ask whether something helpful is known.

You could also give us some info about what’s wrong, perhaps we can help here.


How old is your FP2 now? Have you managed to back up your essential data? If the motherboard (most expensive component) is failing, it may be more sensible to keep you eye open for another used example. I am in the UK and have managed to help some other forum members in the past.


Please check Settings > Storage to see how much of your FP2’s internal storage is used and how much is still free. If more than 25 GB is used, I’d consider freeing up space.

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@amoun I think is from your part of the world and might have some ideas.
Hope you get it fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Selkie

Sadly I’m relatively new on the Fairphone scene and only have experience with my FP3+ but as other posts suggest a) try and delete some data, especially deleted photos from the bin if you haven’t etc. and give us more info on the problems.

There is another very similar post which I will lik to once I’ve found it.

By the way I’m in South East Cornwall,

Not the post/topic I was looking for but may be very helpful


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: for pointing out this useful thread, full of good advice. And thanks to @ Fair_Fusk for initiating the collection of suggestions.

I agree it could well be a shortage of (internal) memory. Time for some Spring Cleaning!

I think I would proceed in the following order:

  • Make sure important data are backed up.
  • Move what you can to an SD card (formated for external memory, NOT expansion of internal memory).
  • Uninstall or disable all apps you installed but don’t use any more.
  • Delete all superfluous data that you’re sure you can remove safely. If in doubt get specific advice.
  • Disable unnecessary notifications. An app that’s allowed notifications will tend to be more active than if it’s not allowed notifications.
  • Disable access to services for apps that don’t need them (I’m thinking of Location in particular).

You may find things improve after getting rid of or moving some data-hogging apps.

Also make sure the problem isn’t external (like wifi, router, …)


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