Fairphone repair takes too long - Is it normal?

My fairphone has gone for repair but I have heard only once from the repairers - 18 days ago, when the phone arrived. I have had no response to my enquiring emails either. Is this how they usually do the repairs? How do I foind out where my farirphone is???

Just in case you haven’t read it yet, Fairphone is currently moving their warehouse. Perhaps repairs are affected as well.

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This is a follow-on from my last post 2 mins ago.
I have checked the repair link which still says “We are awaiting agreement from our client to repair the device” but I have not been informed what the repair work is nor how to go about agreeing to the repair!

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Oh thank you for this - but is it not strange that they don’t send a standard email out to enquiries informing us about this delay? I;ve had no response to two emails. It would be nice to know how long I have to go on using my old BlackBerry and hating every minute of it!

Try telephone to have direct response!

Hi @kosprice,

I understand that our support team is in touch with you by private email. So now I’ll close this thread.