Fairphone repair in Vienna

Hey folks, someone once told me there’s a repair shop in Vienna that is willing and able to fix FP1 issues. (Specifically I have the problem with the USB charge port.) I’m going to be in the vicinity of Vienna for a couple of weeks so I thought it would be a good time to get it looked at. But now I can’t remember who told me, and searching the Web hasn’t helped much so far. Does anyone know the place I could go for repairs in Vienna?

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There’s the list of past FP1 repair shops, but it seems the Vienna shop listed is no longer accepting FP1 repairs. I’d get in touch with the Austrian Fairphoners here. :slight_smile:

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Yeah unfortunately the repair shop often didn’t succeed in decently repairing the FP1 and then at one point they gave up.

You can come to us, but we can only exchange the mainboard. So all your data will be lost.


Thanks for the info!

Data loss is no problem, I can back it up. Who is “us”? Replacing the main board would replace the charge port right, so that would solve my problem if it can be replaced with a working one. Can you give me more information?

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Us is the Austrian Fairphoners. Urs linked to our contact info.
More specifically it is me as I have the spare parts at my home. Just send me a PM so we can arrange a meeting.


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