Fairphone repair in Glasgow

Hi, does anyone know of any places that repair Fairphones in Glasgow? (I have a problem with my microphone in my Fairphone 3+)

Thanks, Ruth

There is an Fairphone Angel in the region of Edinburgh.
What is wrong with your microphone?
Did it happen just after an update?


Thanks, I tried emailing them but it bounced back

The microphone is very muffled - when I make a call, it only works if I have it on speaker (& I can’t leave voicenotes on whatsapp, for example)

I don’t think it happened just after an update - I can’t think of anything that would have triggered it

You wrote to edinburgh@fairphone.community, right? :white_check_mark:

If it was edinburgh@fairphone.com then it’s wrong. :no_entry:

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Hi, thanks - yes I wrote to the first one

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Thank you, I’m marking @alex.a and @Volker here to have a look at the email issue.

On your microphone issue, you can do a hardware test yourself. Dial * # * # 6 6 # * # * to access a wide range of tests. This should help to make certain if it is a hardware or a software issue.


@P1000 in case you read this maybe you can get in contact via PM

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I’ve sent a test mail. It reached the Edinburgh (angels) group and didn’t bounce.


ok, thanks - i’ll try again


Hi Ruth, would love to know if you get a reply from the FP angel in Edinburgh as I emailed them a couple of weeks back but haven’t heard back…

Nice to know of a Fairphone user not far away (I’m in central Edinburgh) :slight_smile:

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It seems that this time it has worked. I just don’t know if the local Angel will have time to answer or not…


Ok, does anyone know of any phone repair places in Glasgow/Edinburgh/Central Belt that will look at Fairphones?

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