Fairphone product launch 9 April 2024 🎧 FAIRBUDS in-ears

Just noticed this social media teaser for something apparently coming this tuesday:

TEXT from screenshot above

You asked, we listened! :boom: It’s been a long time coming, but we’re almost ready to reveal another game-changer.

:arrow_right: Get ready to turn up the volume on April 9, and stay tuned for the :sparkles: big reveal :sparkles:
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Drop your best guess in the comments below :eyes:

Source: Instagram | Identical contents on Facebook (viewable without account)

UPDATE 9 April :headphones: Fairbuds in-ear phones are out:


My own guess is (at least partly) repairable bluetooth (in-)earbuds.


Was my first thought as well when I received the mail yesterday…




Strangely :thinking: while I did get two Fairphone newsletters on wednesday, they didn’t include any of the wording that I read from other newsletter recipients now … :wink: However, this was closing the second one:

Here’s wishing all of a lovely springtime. And keep your ears open. We’re about to make a lot of noise in April!

Sounds like more of the same fodder for speculation.

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The thing on the left side in the foto could be a FairTablet.

It definitely looks like it’s something related to audio, and it makes sense, but… are earbuds “a whole new category”? We’ll have to wait to find out, I guess :grin:

The email I received:

You asked, we listened!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re almost ready to reveal another game-changer.

We’re introducing long-lasting, repairable design to a whole new category.

Get ready to turn up the volume on April 9, and stay tuned for the big reveal -

trust us, you won’t want to miss this!


I guess earbuds version 2.

Is it going to be more spectacular event than what will happen day before. Where I live a total solar eclipse? That will be something you will never forget, this will be my second.

Well, my prophecy track record is legendary … legendarily bad :smiley: But once again I feel quite sure it will be in-ears. In terms of hardware replaceability, I would not expect too much – perhaps “just” the batteries in buds and case (plus the usual: eartips). And perhaps some programmability for the controls.

And I guess they will use the “Fairbuds” name for them – just what’s behind that term ? :thinking:

Fairbuds XS ? Fairbuds Mini ?


They’re talking about a new category and about turning up the volume, so my guess is it will be a (bluetooth) speaker. We’ll find out today.

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0:44 seconds? was there a technical problem or is the whole presentation only so short?

I was also wondering that. When they ended the launch I felt like: “this was it, or did something go wrong?” I would have expected a bit more explanation about the product, for example about the removable batteries in the case and in each earbud…

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yeah, me too … but they updated their website … so everything can be found here … but I expected a bit more … that was not worth the effort of the newsletter … :confused:

Thats what marketing is (a lot “hot air”).I didnt expect anything, or just this, so no suprise here…


Indeed, it looks awesome though!


I “hate” them … I had the earbuds “1” … and now … I think I need to buy them … :wink:

Just as I have stated my prediction some years ago here on the forum, Fairphone might not only be out for “Fair” phones but different electronic devices.
Mobilephones, tablets, now we have headphones and earbuds…what’s next (smartwatch)?

I don’t know. I find smartwatches not that smart. They get most functionality from the device you already own, your phone. Maybe the heart rate feature is the only thing that adds something new to the equation. I’m then “that guy” and going to say that the heart rate of the planet is too low to own a smartwatch. I have a 10+ year old GShock watch, still going strong. No battery replacement needed, because it has a solar cell. It has a few sensors, but I mostly just use it for the time and date information, which is synced wireless and automatic. Now, that’s what I call a smartwatch :nerd_face:

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Which probably is the most often part going south degrading the entire set to dump no matter how much one has paid for them. I think this is the best selling feature overall.
Anyway I can’t get used to the typical frequency range 20-20kHz. As I do also listen to low frequency (Miami Bass) audio as well. Coming closer down to (1Hz) I do prefer. well a small driver will have limits, but at least my non-fair Airy Sports go down to 10Hz. Back in the 90s my Sony MD deck could handle 5Hz lower frequency level. Another device can deal with 4Hz.
This range can be noticed not only by crackling (hence there’s something called LFE).
But that’s just my personal taste.