Fairphone Please Update Emojis

This is my formal request to urge Fairphone to try to update the Emoji library on all Fairphones. One of the classic “Planned obselesence” tactics is to stop updating the Emoji library on a phone so one is compelled to buy a new phone to stay current. My girlfriend is trying to communicate with her new phone and I keep having to appologize for Fairphones. Im trying to use one phone for years. I love the replacable batteries and spare parts. Dont forget part of the function of a phone is to send emojis. Please! Update to the most current emoji library and stay current. Thank you Fairphone.

This #wearefairphone project may be of some utility to you:

In short: emoji are bundled in a special system font. That font can be updated with proper access. I made a flashable zip to easily update them with TWRP. It may need to be reflashed with each Fairphone OS update, though.


Oh wow! Im new to this how do i do it? I haveFP open os.

When i download the zip it opens updater… But when it says “Restart your phone to install” it doesnt do anything. I click “Restart” and the button changes colour but the phone does not restart. ???

There are install instructions on the GitHub page referring to the recovery and TWRP.


Do I get this right, that it is considered planned obsolescence, when the set of emojis is not updated?
Call me narrow-minded, old-fashioned or dumb, but I simply don’t get it.
Buying a new phone for new emojis? Seems like getting a new car for a new carpet or upholstery design.
Just my very own perception of course, not meant to offend anyone.


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