Fairphone owners in the USA (FP2 FP3 FP4 FP5)

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This is absolutely bewildering - my FP5 will consistently receive small MMS videos (<3MB) as a thumbnails + a .qcp file, medium MMS videos <30-34MB as just a thumbnail and large >=34MB MMS videos. Popping the same SIM/APN values into my Pixel4a5g on LOS receives all video MMS just fine. I’ve tried several different SMS apps, so I know it’s not on that layer. It must be either something in the FP firmware or eOS. Any thoughts?

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Which country + provider and any chance to test another SIM, best from a different provider?

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US on a Verizon MVNO (US Mobile). I know FP5 isn’t officially supported for Verizon yet, but everything else works great. Unfortunately I don’t have another provider to test and wouldn’t want to switch just for video MMS. Was hoping someone might know a little bit about the video MMS mechanics for this scenario, since it’s such a strange and specific issue, and if I could fix it, then I could say the phone works perfectly for the second largest mobile phone network provider in the US.

To increase the chance to get help I moved your post here, maybe anyone in the US has/had the same issues. Also if not yet done ask in the murena forum, they can probably look into it.


Done … eOS FP5 only receives and plays large video MMS files, small files are thumbnails - Fairphone - /e/OS community

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Update: I have now returned this phone to the latest stock OS and have relocked the bootloader. If it doesn’t sell in this forum in the next two days, I will post it on Ebay and/or Swappa.

Funny. I can’t send a file on T-mobile without degrading the video file to less than 32mb when the US limit on any network is 100mb as the file size limit. I have to use the Luma Fusion video editor to re-edit the file in question to 240p at the lowest bit rate to send via MMS. The reason is that anything over the 32mb limit will try to compress the file to a shorter video length with bad quality. I used to edit video as a living. I used windows movie maker 2012 and Devinchi Resolve on windows. A 20min 1080p video is about 2GB. Try to compress that into a 32mb file is difficult to do without lowering the resolution, bit rate, and the length of the video to like 5Min. So all I do is just send pictures and gifs over the T-mobile MMS network. I can’t get any video to work. This is however not an issue with straight talk with my mothers Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. It got to be something with FairPhone products itself, because that shouldn’t be an issue. The only way otherwise is upload to a cloud server and send a link to anyone through MMS

(Settings used on Luma Fusion compressed 84MB Xbox Game Capture to an Estimate of 7.4mb)
Well under the 32mb limit. A a 5min clip. I’ll update you after rendering the video if if it was successful on MMS

It was successful. Just remember the size limit. You might have to get this app or edit it on another computer to send a MMS video.

Just to update. The Fairphone 5 that I received, I put in the Mint Mobile sim and it picked up as T-Mobile even after putting in Mint’s APN details. However, everything is working great with Mint, after feeding their apn details in I can make and receive calls. I get here in NJ generally full bars on 4G/5G all over this area via Mint/T-Mobile.

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