Fairphone owners in the USA (FP2 FP3 FP4 FP5)

What happens if you turn off VPN?

Sorry for the late response. That seems to have solved the issue. I never understood why this takes two days to set up on FP4. I never had that as a problem. I would like to thank you for the suggestion that the VPN was the issue. This should work after a while with the VPN off. I just like to be safe online when shopping, Streaming content, and while gaming. Just remember that in the 90’s all we had to worry about was Viruses and malware when using the internet. A good anti-virus program took care of that. Now today we have add a VPN to browse safely on the web. And that causes issues with things once in a while. Funny how that happens when it works and where it doesn’t. The more you know right. :slight_smile:

FCC has closed my complaint. Because ATT refuses to fix the problem with WiFi calling, the next step is to hire a lawyer and file a formal complaint, for $540.00 plus lawyer’s fees.

The FCC’s informal complaint process provides consumers with an easy and informal way to raise issues with their providers.

The role of the FCC in the informal complaint process is to facilitate a conversation between the consumer and their provider to try to address the consumer’s issue.

In some instances, the consumer’s issue is not resolved to the consumer’s satisfaction once the informal complaint process has concluded. We regret that you were not satisfied with attempts by FCC staff to facilitate a dialogue between you and your provider to address your issue.

At this point, you might want to contact your provider directly to see if you and the provider can arrive at a resolution that is acceptable to you or pursue more formal legal options.

You also have the option to file a formal complaint with the FCC if your issue involves a violation of the Communications Act. Here is what to expect from the formal complaint process:

Formal complaint proceedings are like court proceedings.
The filing fee for filing a formal complaint is $540.00 but is subject to change.
You must comply with specific procedural rules, appear before the FCC, and file legal documents that address legal issues.
Attorneys almost always represent parties filing formal complaints, and legal fees, in addition to the $540.00 filing fee, can be substantial.

Complete information on how to file a formal complaint can be found in sections 1.720 through 1.740 of the FCC’s rules, located at 47 C.F.R. §§ 1.720 – 1.740 (see Federal Register :: Request Access). Please review Section 1.718 of the Commission’s rules, 47 C.F.R. § 1.718, for additional information on applicable deadlines.

For a more detailed description of the formal complaint process, see EB - Market Disputes Resolution Division | Federal Communications Commission

The informal complaint process has now concluded. You will receive no further status updates on your informal complaint from FCC staff.

You have it a lot worse with AT&T. At least my issue was a simple fix. I don’t know why we can’t just set it up in settings instead of having to verify it with the company every time I wish to Make or receive a phone call. I know having that setting turned off leads to more dropped calls than when it’s turned on. I think it’s a shame that the world can’t agree with a simple 5G standerd specifactions that the whole world can use. Just like the world did with USB way back in the day. Do you agree that there should be a standard even for simple things like WI-Fi calling? Then the world would be a better place overall. This is my opinion anyway.

My Fairphone 5 is using standard Fairphone OS and works with Consumer Cellular/ATT with 2 exceptions. WiFi calling is blocked by ATT.
Hotspot also does not work. I have asked Consumer Cellular to ask ATT why Hotspot is not working.
I can turn Hotspot on. I can connect to that hotspot, but the hotspot does not go anywhere. Traceroute only takes a couple of hops, then stops.

I think that ATT just chooses to block certain features, because they have the power to do so.

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I agree. That’s every company in a nutshell. They do like holding back things and normally put them behind a pay wall. I still think that they should go back to doing business like the 90’s. Where we owned the property we bought. We can take our things to get fixed. And they didn’t take anything digital away like they do now. I sure do miss the old days for more than just this, but things today are worse because of subscriptions, saying we bought a license instead of purchasing the product, and taking away the ability to repair our products. I hope that you’d agree with that statement and opinion. That’s why I’m staying with FarePhone for the ability to repair what we own. We shouldn’t have to contribute to the E-waste pile with repairable tech. More companies need to adopt this practice, but more than likely it will take passing laws to do so.

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Hi daniw, I’m in the same position as you were a few month ago, except I’m with O2. They piggyback off T-mobile and AT&T in the US, so I’m hoping I’ll be fine to roam, but I wondered how your experience was?

Ah, yes it ended up being totally fine! So that was several hours of research I didn’t need to do :joy: