Fairphone owners in the USA (FP2 FP3 FP4 FP5)

I can confirm:

After switching to LOS, do you experience the same issue that 2allseew and I have reported, where after a reboot, when you are making/receiving calls outgoing audio does not work, and toggling speakerphone resolves the problem (until the next reboot)?

Tested though current (March 26, 2023) lineage update.

Is there a bug reported?


@Engineer When you have a chance, please add a comment to the bug report linked by @2allseew to confirm that you are affected also. The more of us are affected the more likely it will get attention (even if for some reason it’s only affecting those of us in the U.S.)

Done: looks like they weren’t interested in piling on for confirmation on newer versions. Since the bug report is not receptive to amateur input, I’ll proceed here:

In the logcat attached by the OP bug reporter, there are several lines with things like:

[aw882xx_smartpa_l]aw882xx_mute: mute state=1

Setting mute state to 1 or 0, as well as some volume level setting

Not familiar with android internals or troubleshooting to be able to know if this is potentially related, maybe someone could take a look and hopefully have some insight on what the log is saying?

Yea, seems like an overreaction to me. I’ve reached out to the dev who locked it on the XDA forum to ask that they unlock it so that someone can still post additional insights. Thank you, in any case, for commenting. I’d rather see it with comments showing it has been reproduced by two people and locked because they don’t want to hear more, than having just a single comment by a person reproducing it.

I’m the OP, for that bug report, and like you, I’m not familiar enough with android internals to know what to make of the logcat.

If not done yet maybe also link/report in the LOS forum topic and maybe someone over there has an idea?

I initially posted about this issue in the LOS thread on 1/16/2023 (direct link below). One person, who is not in the US, responded that they could not reproduce the problem before @2allseew confirmed it, and there hasn’t been any other discussion in that thread since.

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I’m not an Android/Lineage/Rom expert, but I really struggle to understand how this issue could really be something that only impacts FP4 users in the United States.

Hey, funny enough I had that same issue in the USA when I was on the stock rom. After a reboot, this basically happened. The workaround was to turn on speakerphone for a second and switch it off again. Then the mic would work fine for me until I reboot again. No clue if it was in any way related to VoLTE also not working at that moment.
This problem has completely disappeared for me when moving to LOS (including VoLTE which is now working).

(just realized this is exactly described in Fairphone 4 no outgoing audio during calls until speakerphone turned on (#5511) · Issues · LineageOS / issues / android · GitLab as was posted above)

I am currently having this problem in Ireland (with LineageOS 20-20230326-NIGHTLY-FP4), so it is not specific to the US.

Though reading that issue on the LineageOS tracker, I am not particularly interested in doing debugging work with a project that locks issues after two well-meant but perhaps less-than-perfectly-useful comments, however, and takes the tone seen there.

Edit: I was somewhat bafflingly contacted by a moderator of this forum who appeared to see my comment as being critical of Fairphone, or directed toward it. In case there was any confusion, I was referring to the issue in the LineageOS issue tracker noted by Iriesebos in the previous comment, and I have edited the comment above to clarify this. The closure there, over two comments that were simply confirmations of a form that is frowned upon in some open source projects (but expected or required in some others!), along with the tone of the developer, was outside of decent open source community standards and counterproductive to those of us who might have been interested in actually working on pinning down and fixing the bug in the context of LineageOS.


In my message to you as moderator I tried to explain that moderation on this forum is not done by the company Fairphone, but by volunteers. And I wrote: “So please do not blame the company, but contact us, the moderators, if you think we should act otherwise.”

And that is why I can’t understand what your message has to do with my post, and can only assume there must be some confusion. My post, and all of the discussion of the issue on the LineageOS tracker, has nothing to do with Fairphone or this forum. I am referring to the behaviour and moderation of an external project and an external site. Unless I am very confused, neither the volunteer moderators here nor Fairphone have anything to do with the LineageOS gitlab.

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It was not obvious from your original posting that you were referring to Lineage OS.


Tell me about it :slight_smile:

I did read it as you intended as I had to place it in context.

There seem to be two issues

  • The obvious one where the use of English isn’t endemic and the grammar and inference can be lost
  • Cultural differences. I often get told off for my tone as it may be seem critical of a person, whereas I’m just trying to understand the person’s problem(s)

Whereas people usually come with a request for practical help, some posts are just complaints about other people, or Fairphone etc.

So where there is a comment that is a complaint about another ‘body’ it is hard to address as the author is already not totally OK, so then I find I’m trying to address the emotion of the author: and via language and culture that’s a minefield.

So I can see how easy it was for @Lidwien to challenge the comment and it’s great. Without the challenge it may well have been misunderstood by others, so thank each of you for staying with it.

All the best

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Perhaps this might be of interest here:

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I have owned a fair phone in the USA now for close to 4 years. I had a fair phone 2 for up until just under a month ago. I have been using T-Mobile the entire time. I had access to 3G as I recall until 3G was phased out, and then I weathered through using edge on the Fairphone 2 and wi-fi. I now am using the Fairphone 4 and had some questions and curiosities about how risky it might be to contact T-Mobile as it appears my lte/volte is not currently functioning, based on my research this sounds maybe common. I’m curious if anyone has had any luck around this?

I’m pasting the latest message, the first one I’ve received, from T-Mobile about this:

T-Mobile: ACTION NEEDED: You must​ update your LTE/ VoLTE settings and install​ any pending software updates for the best​ network experience. Follow our step-by-step​ instructions Get the best from T-Mobile's network | T-Mobile Support . Still​ need help? Call 611 or visit a store.​



I think most people in the US, just replace the stock ROM with Lineage. I think the consensus is that the stock ROM is problematic for VoLTE in the US, but that Lineage’s ROM works. That is what I did. In my case, I replaced the stock ROM with Lineage within the first hour of owning my FP4 and VoLTE works just fine. If there are others using the stock ROM without problems, they will need to chime in.


Hi 2allseew,

Thank you! This is valuable information.

Yes, I’m curious to hear if any Fairphone 4 owners in the USA have had any luck turning on lte/volte with the stock ROM? Has anyone tried calling t-mobile?

Also, would there be any reason to be hesitant to call T-Mobile? As my 5g, 4G and most functions of the phone seem to be working quite fine.

I’m curious also, why is it that Lineage seems to work fine, but not the stock ROM?

I’ve taken some time to look through some forums, please forgive me if I’m missing some basic information!


Hello, if your FP2 is still basically functional, have a look here if you didn’t notice yet: Fairphone 2 - Complete at most, Mainboard at minimum Wanted You might make someone happier. :slight_smile:

Hi urs_lesse,

Thank you for thinking of me! I definitely would want to share and make the most use of my FP2, however I am planning to keep it for international travel and other adventures when I don’t want to be lugging around a nicer phone. I’m also contemplating other ways I might keep it in use. I will keep this post in mind if I know of anyone who might be wishing to pass on for better use!